Camping Village Poljana - Mali Losinj - Poljana

House basic information
Area Poljana
Accessibility by car
Parking Privat
Owner speaks English, German, Italian
Payment method Cash and credit card


Mobile accommodation unit - Baia Lux

Object basic information
Code PO002
Category *
Type of object Apartment
Number of persons 4+1
Location Mali Losinj - Poljana
Accommodation basic information
Surface (m2) 31
Number of bedrooms 2
Beds in rooms 4
Additional beds 1
Bathroom with toilet, shower 1
Living - dining room and kitchen are one room
Terrace with table and chairs
Small pets
Accommodation equipment
Basically equipped kitchen
Refrigerator with freezer

It has an area of approximately 31 square meters and can sleep a maximum of 4 adults and 1 child.
It comprises a double bedroom, a bedroom with two single beds and a raised bed (two single beds may be joined), a bathroom with toilet, shower, bidet, washbasin, hair dryer and warmer, living / dining dining table and sofa bed, kitchenette with sink and refrigerator. Outside garden with table and chairs and clothes horse.
The mobile home includes satellite TV, cutlery, crockery, blankets and pillows.
Air conditioning has to be paid extra (please check price list)

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