“Veloselski trk” is a friendly, 2,5km long, race course organized every year in august in Veli Losinj. This year we organize on the August 24 at 18 o'clock.

Start is in Veli Losinj center next to the "Blue world" organization and head up along the coast in Rovenska bay direction. The course follows the trail next to the Rovenska bay restaurants and then turns head up towards main parking lot of Veli Losinj. From there the course go's down the hill and finishes in the Center of Veli Losinj. All participants are asked to stay on the right side of the walking path and allow faster participants to pass on the left side. Also, this course is open to the public during the event so please "share the road" and pay attention. After finishing, please help the volunteers cheer on other finishers before enjoy the post race festivities. Participants (Losinj citizens and their guests) are taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition.