Rock climbing course on the island of Losinj

Learn to climb the rock on the island of Losinj

Sports climbing is a competitive sport in which the climbing player only uses his body and the equipment is exclusively for insurance. The goal of sport climbers is to overcome the difficult rock detail regardless of the height of the rock. The focus is on strength, endurance, flexibility, but also movement co-ordination and motor intelligence. Sport climbing requires high-tech climbing training, which is achieved by regular training with expert supervision. You can climb up the cliff on the island of Losinj, with a professional instructor climbing some of the biggest ferrets in Europe. With the experience and knowledge you will gain you will be able to go and you will conquer the tops of rocks and ferates. Enjoying the fresh sea air in the beautiful Veli Lošinj you will learn something new and have fun. Along with expert climbing instructors and a wonderful view that goes all the way to Velebit, swimming why you would not have experienced climbing and spending adrenaline holidays on the island of Losinj.


So from 90,-kn per Hour/Person you can also learn to climb

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