Paths of Apoxyomenos

Unique blend of modern and historical experience of the island. Join us on our Paths od Apoxyomenos and with a unique blend of modern and historical experience the magic of Losinj: greet the Sun and enjoy the sunset on the viewpoint Providenca above Mali Losinj with refreshments, fine wine and breathtaking view.

The offer includes a three-day stay in apartment accommodation, entrance to the Museum of Apoxyomenos and a visit to viewpoint Providenca (2 persons).

Price: 1150, - kn


* Visit to viewpoint Providenca, a walk down the educational trail Apsyrtides with refreshments after the tour

Viewpoint Providenca is situated on top of the Umpiljak, so-called “Losinj's Fujiyama”. Hardly any other viewpoint gives such open view on the Cres-Lošinj archipelago and  such beautiful sunsets. There is a set of 18 handmade sitting tables settled in harmonius environment of the viewpoint, each called by the name of a ship from Losinj's history. Here one can enjoy in wellbeing of natural environment with drinks from the bar and local fish and meat delicacies. 

In the extent of the viewpoint platform there is an Educational trail Apsyrtides settled in tipycal karst environment. There are 28 interpretative panels set throughout 300 meters long path. Here one can learn about interesting history and mythology of archipelago and life of the islanders. Nowhere as here you will not be so clear why the life is compared with navigation, and the islands as a sanctuary.

* Tickets for Museum of Apoxyomenos

The bronze statue of the young athlete Apoxyomenos is a unique find not only in the Adriatic Sea, but also in the world. It was found on the seabed off the isle of Vele Orjule at a depth of 45 metres. Thanks to its wholeness and the exquisite workmanship, the statue is distinguished as a work of art of high quality. The statue was discovered in it entirety, with only the little finger of the left hand missing and a part of the original bronze plinth, which was separated from the statue, still attached to the sole of the right foot.
The was taken out of the sea in '99; conservation and restoration work began in 2000 and done in Zagreb. The work was managed by the late restorer Giuliano Tordi, formerly of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, in collaboration with the master-restorer Antonio Šerbetić, head of the Croatian Conservation Institute’s Workshop for Metal. The work was finalised after six years.


* Set of tickets for other museums of island Lošinj
* 3 nights stay

The offer is valid from 01.10. - 12.15.2016.