A few km from Belej descending the beach towards the west, we come to Ustrine where the ruins of ancient villas and the remains of vast amounts of old tiles, urns and pottery testify to the origin of a Roman settlement.

Ustrine is a small settlement of sheep-farmers and fishermen situated at the edge of a rugged area. From a height of 180 metres, it falls steeply towards the sea, which with a few inlets, form an indented coastline. If Ustrine had nothing more than panoramas, it still deserves to be seen.

You will be charmed by the hospitality of the simple and friendly hosts where you can find accommodation. Seafood and fresh fish are the specialities of the small inn rights in the village itself.

From the Romanesque church of St. Martin, a paved road which runs through the village slopes down to the sea and leads you to three Ustrine coves – Porat, Veli žal and Županj.