Veli Losinj

Veli Losinj is situated in the southern part of the island with two adjacent bays, and is situated on the northern foot of Mount Sveti Ivan (St. John). The tall houses, primarily around the harbour, as well as the abundance of luxurious villas owned by former captains, ship owners and wealthy gentlemen, each with their own beautiful gardens, form the main attractions in this lovely town, whose 1,000 inhabitants make it the second largest settlement on the island.

The gardens of Veli Losinj and Veli Losinj park (situated in front of the modern-day spa, a former residence of Archduke Charles Stephen) boast more than 200 botanical species. In the immediate vicinity of Veli Losinj is a small fishing harbour called Rovenska, which is very popular on account of its beautiful beaches, excellent fishing atmosphere, and tradition of sheltering people who have dedicated their lives to the sea, and who regularly lock horns with nature itself.

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