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Explore the islands of Cres and Losinj

  • Veli Lošinj

    Veli Losinj is situated at the foot of Mount St. John's in a small cove on the south-east of the island. The main characteristics of this picturesque town are the tall houses around the small harbor, the Venetian tower and the many typical villas...

  • Mali Lošinj

    The largest settlement on the island with 7,000 inhabitants, which because of its location became important maritime and trade, and today also a tourist center. Mali Losinj is one of the main tourist centers on the Adriatic coast with exceptional ...

  • Artatore

    Are located in a homonymous cove of island Losinj, 8 km away from Mali Losinj. Artatore are one of the most beautiful settlements of recent age, well-known for its dense pine forest, lush vegetation, fresh air and crystal clear sea.

  • Ćunski

    It was founded on the hill which was one of many prehistoric ruins of the island of Losinj. Apart from agriculture and fishing in recent times tourisam is also developing. Cunski has beautiful coves and beaches facing the west side of Losinj island...

  • Sv. Jakov

    Fishing village & also the smallest settlement on the island, situated above the sea on the northern part of the island of Losinj. From Nerezine is about 2 kilometers - around the village there are olive groves and nearby coast has beautiful beaches...

  • Nerezine

    The first settlement encountered on the island, at the foot of the hill Osoršćica. Throughout history Nerezine have developed into a fishing and maritime settlement, and today primarily as a tourist destination offering a variety of tourist...

  • Osor

    At the point where Losinj & Cres are closest small town Osor is situated that in the ancient time had its moment of glory. The whole town is actually a museum in the open - gardens and parks cover traces of ancient villas, Renaissance portals...

  • Punta Križa

    Punta Kriza (distant 15 km from Osor) is undoubtedly true national park of rich flora and fauna. Nowhere on the island can be found so genuine Mediterranean landscapes in which colors play with the lavish palette.

  • Valun

    Situated on southern part of Valung Gulf, between two beautiful beaches. Interesting to visit are church of St. Marko and Valun Plate" from 11th century, Glagolitic lapidary showing copies of ancient Glagolitic inscriptions."

  • Lubenice

    Magical village with 4000 years continuous history is situated on the largest Adriatic island Cres. Lubenice are built on a high cliff that resembles medieval fortress, surrounded by the sea which offers panoramic view.

  • Cres

    This fortified city has many monuments dating from antique onwards. Today marked with the medieval harbor, Gothic and Renaissance churches, palaces of noble families and the remains of the city's fortifications.

  • Beli

    One of the oldest settlements, of acropola type, on the island Cres. This typical coastal village is rich in cultural and historical monuments. In the village operates center Caput Insulae" with a program to preserve natural diversity."

  • Unije

    Are located few miles west of Losinj. Hilly island of limestone rocks and olive groves where you can hear the murmur of antique. Lens clear water reflects the beautiful beaches, facades of typical houses and fertile fields.

  • Ilovik

    Ilovik is said to be the island of flowers because almost around every house there are blooming oleanders, roses and various other flowers. Is the southernmost inhabited island of Losinj archipelago, with the village, which today has 170 inhabitants.

  • Susak

    The farthest island of Losinj archipelago. Unique sand" island in the Adriatic, whose mounds of sand on the north side reach up to 98 meters. It's a wonder of nature and a surprise for every visitor."

  • Belej

    Village lies on the island of Cres, in the center of the plateau, whose western side slopes towards the sea. From the village small path leads to the picturesque, secluded bay of Koromacno, whose white beach and untouched nature enchants.

  • Ustrine

    Only a few kilometers from Belej, descending to the west coast, there are Ustrine village of Roman origin as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. Unforgettable sunsets reveal new dimensions of time and space.

  • Miholašćica

    The village is situated close to the sea and the neighboring village Martinšćica whose sandy beach is known as one of the most beautiful on the island.

  • Martinščica

    Is a relatively new and very nice town on the most accessible part of the Cres coast. With beautiful beaches north of the village in the untouched nature offers great possibilities for an active and relaxing stay.