One fine day Nature has been building sand castles and created the island of Susak. Explore the wonderful sandy island, dive into the depths of the Adriatic sea and hop to Srakane, the first neighbor island of Susak.

Susak is a unique island in the Adriatic, special for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters whose colors are breathtaking, and the reeds covering nearly every inch of the country. What makes it even more special is that it is literally shaped by sand layers deposited on the limestone rock.


On the island there is only one town which is divided into upper and lower plane - Lower Village or Spjaža and older Upper Village. They are only a hundred meters away, connected with a winding stone staircase surrounded by reeds.

Check out how has Nature created one of his masterpieces and share in her joy.

organizer: M/B Krško

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