Why to visit Mali Lošinj?

Mali Lošinj, the main center of the island of Losinj, is a cultural and social gathering of citizens

Mali Lošinj, the main center of the island of Losinj, is a cultural and social gathering of citizens



It is mentioned for the first time at the end of the 14th century under the name of Malo Selo. 1868 is experiencing its peak. There are 11 shipyards in the town, and Mali Lošinj becomes the place with the strongest fleet in the Adriatic - even in front of Rijeka, Trieste and Venice. Since the 17th century, shipbuilding was an important economic branch in Mali Lošinj. Finding a steam engine results in stagnation of the development, and the emergence of vine disease - the peronospore results in displacement of the population.


It's worth seeing

Just place of Mali Lošinj counts two museums, the cinema in the very center of the city, during the summer season and the summer cinema that reflects the famous jazz festival during the summer months.

Apoksiomen Museum

In the sea near Lošinj in 1999, the bronze statue of the Greek athlete Apoksiomena was found. A statue of 192 centimeters long and over two thousand years old was lying between the two rocks, and his finding was a world sensation. The Croatian Apoxyomen is one of the seven similar, well-preserved, statues in the world. After extensive restoration works, the statue returns to Mali Losinj in the "Kvarner Palace" area, where it can be visited today from Tuesday to Sunday between 08 and 17.

Church of St. Martin

Dates from 1450, is located in today's cemetery, a place where history of Lošinj can be read. Priests who used to serve in this church were glagolitists, and they also took over
the role of notaries, and compiled the locals of wills, contracts, and so on.


Parish Church of Our Lady

The Parish Church of Our Lady and "pjacal" from 1696 to 1775. The church is three-nave, on the altar are the relics of St. Romulus and the image of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Čikat bay

In addition to its beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful promenades, there is also a church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Annunziata). Built in 1534 and expanded
the boat passing the end of Annunziate, blinking in a siren, is known to be the captain of the Lošinjian ship.

Monument to Ambroz Haračić (1855 - 1916), professor of marine school and a researcher of the Lošinj climate and flora - Cikat Bay.


In Mali Lošinj it is preserved an extremely rich art collection of Croatian artists, the gift of prof. Andra Vida and Katarina Mihičić and a collection of foreign European artists, the gift of Giuseppe Piperate.

Church of St. Nicholas

From 1857 it was dedicated to St. Nikolas - Bishop to the patron sailor and traveler.

Monument to Josip Kašman (1847 - 1925)

A world renowned opera singer, a native of Mali Lošinj.

Lošinj's fragrant garden

Nursery of island herbs in Mali Lošinj. With guided tour guides, visitors can get acquainted with the rich flora of the island, the healing properties of herbs and buy
an original island souvenir.


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