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General client questions

Does the price of apartmnt includes bed linen, kitchen towels, towels and similar?
In the price of apartment bed linen, kitchen towels and toilet towels as well as kitchen utilities are included. Bed linen is given to change every 7 nights.

What is included in the price of apartment and are there any extra costs?
There are no extra costs on arrival because all services are included in daily price of apartment. However in Veli Losinj, because of the towns structure, rearly there are private pakring places near apartment so it is possible to park your car on central parking lot for the cost of 3,-EUR a day. It is also possible to park your car at the entrance parking lot of Veli Losinj free of charge.

How can I take luggage to the apartment from the parking lot?
There is a private cart that is used to transport luggage to the apartment for the price of 35,-kuna (cca 5,-EUR).

When I arrive where do I need to cheeck in and what do I need to do?
Upon your arrival, if you are renting apartment in Cres you need to go directly to the apartment address, and if you are coming to Mali Losinj or Veli Losinj you need to come to our agency with all documents so that we can register your stay. Also it is possible to go directly to address but then you need to hand your document over to the landlord so he can come in agency and register you. It is important to registrate upon your arrival to avoid procedural mistakes.

Where do I pay for accomodation and how can I pay ?
Invoice for accomodation is to be paied directly in agency. It is possible to pay by cash, credit card, debit card or by advanced payment from your bank account. Regarding advanced payment we have to receive money 4 days before you departure. It is best if you can make your payment at your arrival or at latest 2 days before departure.

Who to contact in case of problems upon arrival to accommodation unit?
In case of any problems with accommodation or host upon arrival to accommodation unit, please contact us immediately by telephone at 00 385 51 236 352 or 00385 51 236 604.

How are prices stated in our offer?
Hotels and pensions: per person a day Rooms: per person a day Apartments: per apartment ¬a day

Why is there a difference in the exchange rate when paying for the reservation?
The amount stated in Kunas is charged to your credit card according to the main rate in Croatia on the charge date. Your credit card company charges your bank in Euros according to the exchange rate of the bank the credit card company works with on the day when the reservation amount is charged.

Why do I have to pay in advance?
By paying in advance, you are guaranteed to get the exact accommodation unit you viewed and reserved on our web pages since your advance payment is immediately forwarded to the host.

Why do you sometimes get a negative response to your inquiry even though our web pages show different?
Since we contact our hosts by phone to check accommodation unit availability immediately after your inquiry, it is unfortunately not possible to keep availability on our web pages updated to the minute. Nevertheless, we do our best to update accommodation unit availability as frequently as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

At what time can guests begin to use an apartment / suite and until when can they stay in apartment on the day of departure?
Guest can start using the apartment after 14 o'clock and the apartment must be vacated by 10 o'clock on departure day.

Are there tours from Lošinj and Cres towards the island of Rab?
Unfortunately, from the island of Cres in the direction of the island of island Rab there are no organized tours, but on from island of Lošinj to the island of Rab, excursions are available once a week during the summer season.

Is it possible to reach island Ilovik by car?
Island Ilovik has no road for cars so you have to park your car on island Lošinj.

What is meant by category A2, B4, C6 in the name of apartment ?
These markings such as A2, A3, B4, B5, C6 ... indicate the number of rooms (letters) or the number of beds (numbers) for each apartment: A2 one room, two people B4 two rooms, four people C6 three rooms, six people

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