This little town is situated on the spot where the island of Cres and Lošinj are closest to each other. It had its period of glory in ancient times. The canal (Cavata, Kavuada, Cavanella) which had been cut through enabled passage of ships from sea to sea. The main transit traffic between Northern Adriatic and the Dalmatian Coast used to flow through Osor, which made it an international harbour.

The foundations of the town walls hide traces of ancient history, dating as far back as the 9th century B.C. The name of the town, Osor, formerly Apsoros, is said to be of mythical origin and derive from the name of an ancient Greek hero, the tragic heroine Medea′s brother Apsyrtus.

The antique town square with beautiful buildings from the 15h and 16th century, the Town Hall with a loggia (today the Town Museum), the Bishop′s Palace and the impressive Cathedral with a campanile make up the historical heart of the town. The whole of the town is an open-air museum showing its cultural and political history.

There are exhibits ranging from the contemporary sculptures by Meštrović to the remains of ancient town walls, forts, the earliest Early-Christian basilica, as well as remains of antique villas, Renaissance portals and monasteries, hidden in the greenery of Osor′s parks and gardens.

This ancient town is a museum of history in itself. In the summer it becomes a unique setting for the Musical Evenings of Osor and other cultural events. The choice of accommodation includes well-organized private accommodation in the town itself, as well as two beach side camping sites just outside it and few restaurants.

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