Conquer the highest mountain Osorcica

Conquer the highest mountain Osorcica

It stretches along the northern part of the island, from the village of Ćunski to Osor for a distance of about 20 kilometers. It is the first mountain on the Adriatic islands and has attracted the attention of tourists, among whom we must mention the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Rudolf of Habsburg, who in 1887 climbed Mount Osor.

The highest peak can be reached from the direction of Neresine and Osor, and the most tenacious can take the direction from Ćunski through the entire transverse. From the top there is a beautiful prize - a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Lošinj archipelago, the Istrian coast, Velebit, Gorski Kotar, Triglav, and the islands of Rab, Pag and Silba.


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