On the largest Adriatic island, Cres, it is situated 4.000 years old town of Lubenice. Medieval castle at 378 meters is pearl of Croatian rural architecture. We don't know where are you coming from but the sight of Lubenice won’t leave you indifferent. In Mediterranean usually sea gulls are above you and when in Lubenice you can see them circling beneath Lubenice cliffs and canyons above almighty sea.

In this ambient are also held traditional Lubenice musical evenings established 16 years ago.

This year organizer has prepared various and quality program which will attract many musical gourmands.

Content of Lubenice musical evenings is various from renaissance to classical musical works from 20th century and also folk melodies by vocal groups (Klape) and dance groups.

Among works of foreign authors there are also represented works of famous Croatian authors.

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