Mali Losinj - Croatia

Mali Losinj is the largest settlement on the island, situated on the south side of Losinj in the Augusta bay. Thanks to this position, it has established itself as a significant maritime and trading centre, and more recently as a tourist destination.

The history of Mali Losinj dates back to the 12th century. Losinj's "golden age" was in the 19th Century when, thanks to the maritime industry, this "small village" swelled into a major maritime town. With an increasing general awareness of the benefits of a pleasant climate towards well-being, and the emergence of new industries such as tourism, Losinj has turned a new page in its history.

Today, Mali Losinj is a major tourist destination of the Adriatic, well-known in all European tourist circles, as evidenced by the many loyal visitors and various awards from tourism organizations.

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