Ilovik, which lies to the south of Lošinj, is an island of flowers.

Ilovik is the southernmost inhabited island of the Lošinj archipelago with the village of Ilovik that has 170 inhabitants. The present day settlement originated about 200 years ago when farmers from Veli Lošinj came there to settle permanently.

The position of Ilovik is very nice, it is situated in a small bay protected from the north by the islet of St. Peter on which there is the local cementery. The sea along the shore is shallow and not far from the village there is a sandy beach, as well as on St. Peter’s islet.

Ilovik is said to be the island of flowers because almost around every house there are oleanders, roses, eucalyptuses and other flowers; the flowers on the island are part of the islander’s way of life.

The specific features of the island are eucalyptus trees.

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