Punta Križa

Punta Križa

Punta Križa is located on the most southern part of the island of Cres and is a national park rich in flora and fauna. On the way to Osor, turn off the main road and journey into greenery.

This is primeval nature, where the perennial oak tree, evergreen holly oak and typical Mediterranean underbrush provide a habitat for fallow deer while on large tracts of lush pasture with medicinal plants, the local sheep graze.

Halfway from Osor towards Punta Križa there is a road that branches off and takes one on foot 40 minutes later to a cave «Jamina Sredi», the habitat of prehistoric man. On the way, you will see many sheep-farmers' dwellings, which are now mainly deserted but were once swarming with people and livestock.

Over the area of Punta Križa there are signposted pathways both for walking and cycling which connect the former sheep-farmers' dwellings of Parhavac, Murtovnik, Matualda, Loze, Garmožaj, Drakovac, Smriječje, Peski, Mikložuan and Lusare as well as the hamlets of Pogana, Draga and Ul. This landscape exudes an aura of tranquillity. Deep and protected coves lend an air of secludedness and security for small boats.

Here you can find the church of St. Anthony from the 15th century as well as the Romanesque church of St. Andrew at the graveyard, which was built on the same site of a much older church.

In the village and hamlets, friendly hosts will welcome you in private rooms, apartments and farmhouses and for nature lovers and campers we recommend the well-equipped nudist camp at Baldarin.

Homemade lamb specialities and fresh sea fish are served in small restaurants in the village of Punta Križa, Pogani and Baldarin caravan site.

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