Veli Lošinj

In 1280, the first 12 Croatian families started to settle in today's area of the church of St. Nicholas.

The settlement of Veli Losinj is situated in a small bay on the southeast side of the island of Lošinj, at the foot of the hill of Sv. Ivan. The place from the hill of Sv. Nicholas springs to the seashore and settles into its two bays, Veli Losinj and Rovenska. A detachable tower in XV was built in the bay of Veli Lošinj on the Kaštel area for defense purposes. In the beginning, they were engaged in agriculture and later developed into one of the strongest shipbuilding sites in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The rule of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy initiated a climate tourism, and thanks to them, the Austrian medical experts became famous and began to explore the island scientifically. Already in 1885, the first patient in Mali Lošinj arrived on climate treatment, which was very successful. After them, many celebrities come to Losinj and build their villas and winter houses there. Besides them, there is a whole range of hotels and private sanatorium, where patients with chronic respiratory diseases are treated. In 1892, Mali and Veli Lošinj were declared as climate havens. Today in Veli Lošinj there are 3 hotel facilities, 2 pensions, hostels , private apartments and rooms. There are promenades along the sea to the village of Mali Lošinj, and from the west side of the bay Rovenska beautiful promenade to the end of the island.

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