Discover secret Beaches of Losinj

Discover secret paths and beaches of Losinj

Are you ready for a treat? Why don't you explore, and do a half-day tour with us? Our guide will walk you through from Veli Losinj to the hill of st. Ivan, along the beautiful path to the Krivica beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the other side of Losinj. The next stop is Balvanida, and if you would like to have a snack, we can stop there. Don't be left behind, because we now go to Plieski, the one beach that will give you a view of how it is to be alone, and where no crowd is here to bother you :)

During the night time, we will come back. The tour goes from 14 to 20 o'clock for the price of 170,-kn per person including a drink on the go.

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