Ilovik harbor


The islands of Ilovik and Sveti Petar are located south of the island Losinj, separated by the strait, Ilovacka vrata. The only village located on the island of Ilovik (44 28 N, 14 33 E) is also called Ilovik. The circumference of the the island is 15.4 km, and it occupies an area of 5.8 km2. The coast is accessible from all sides with many secluded bays. The largest bay with a sandy beach is Parzine, located on the south-eastern part of the island. By ship Ilovik is connected daily with Mali Losinj and several times a week with Novalja, Rab and Rijeka. In the summer months, numerous tour boats from Veli and Mali Losinj make daily stops in Ilovik. Approximately 100 people live year round on the island of Ilovik. Their main occupations are fishing, sheep herding, agriculture and tourism. An interesting fact is that three times more people from Ilovik live in the USA than on the island.

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