Restaurant Alfred Keller

Restaurant Alfred Keller

Awarded one Michelin star and 13 GaultMillau points, and drawing on the supervision of stellar 2-Michelin Star chef Christian Kuchler, Alfred Keller cuisine showcases the purity in each product, masterful techniques and chef Michael Gollenz creative vision.

Alfred Keller takes a thoughtful approach to a great restaurant experience where Croatian finest produce, fish and meat take a center stage. The ever-changing menu embraces sustainable sourcing and locally grown movement, dispenses flavours in their true essence using only the freshest natural ingredients from Lošinj island and its immediate surroundings.

Chef Michael Gollenz cuisine is founded on classic French cooking techniques and then elevated with flavours from around the world. While in Alfred Keller you should not miss the Scampi Carpaccio with Thai salsa mint, Adriatic Turbot pan-roasted Fennel Kulen and Short Rib paprika bbq amongst the others.

The wine list embraces the same progressive philosophy while respecting the winemaking history of Croatia and the Balkans featuring it in prominent producers and sought after vintages. The list reaches new heights bringing to the table a different sensibility and innovative trends.

The selection then expands to the rest of the world following the routes of old wine merchants exploring both Old and New World wine regions, always approaching the oenological journey through the lesser travelled paths. The list boosts an expansive range of products meant to satisfy the most demanding palates in search of novelties without missing out to pay tribute to the tradition through a wide representation both in standard and larger formats of well-established producers from Bordeaux.

The restaurant inspiring interiors reflect Chef Michael Gollenz renewed vision for dining. Featuring warm, neutral colours and organic forms, floor-to-ceiling windows, the curvy less-formal forms, while affording guests panoramic views of the Čikat bay below, portray a more approachable, personal dining.

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