Sv. Jakov

Sv. Jakov

Sv. Jakov (St. James) is a small fishing village above the sea on the northern part of the island Lošinj. It is the smallest settlement on the island. Nerezine is 2km away and Mali Lošinj 15 km. Olive groves surround the village and the coast has a sandy cove where one can enjoy swimming.

St. James lies between 2 small bays. The first, where there is a harbour, is called Studenac (well) from the walled well of spring water where cattle used to drink from two covers of antique sarcophagi.

There are two churches in the village:

St. James church in the cemetary, a Romanesque church with apse, which was extended in 1624 so that in front the nave was enlarged and widiened. This date was engraved on the marble tablet above the facade with Glagolithic letters Č H I G (=1624).

Church of Our Lady built in the 19th century; on the main altar is a painting from the 19th century showing Our Lady of the Rosary with St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Sienna and St. James.

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